What's new in Discover?

  • Discover
    ..is a powerful search tool that is being continually developed by the vendor and the Library Service to help you find the resources you need. Here are some of the recent features and developments we've added to Discover. 

    January 2018

    Welcome to Virtual Browse!

    Virtual Bookshelf

    The Virtual Browse tab in Discover, when clicked on a print title retrieved, displays a virtual 'bookshelf' of similar printed titles held by the Library on the same subject. The titles in the Virtual Browse display are selected by shelfmark number and bring together up to 40 other book cover images of titles that are located in the same area on the Library shelves.

    Click any book cover image displayed in the Virtual Browse 'bookshelf' to see more information about each title listed.

    December 2017

    Image change.

    database icon book icon article icon

    The eagle-eyed among you may notice a subtle change in colour for some of the format type images (book cover images are still shown where available). In response to student feedback, we've upgraded database, book and article images from the standard grey to make them easier to tell apart.

    September 2016

    Personalised searching.

    Personalise results button

    This will help you find more relevant journal articles faster. By clicking on ‘Personalise your results’, you can choose up to 5 subjects to personalise the order in which your article results are displayed. To switch off personalisation, click the blue cross by ‘Personalised’ on your results page. If you log in to Discover it will remember your choices.

    August 2016

    Easier search refining.

    We’ve looked at which options you use in the ‘Refine My Results’ panel and reordered them so the most popular options are at the top. For example, you will see that the date slider is now higher up the page.

    August 2016

    Clearer use of Boolean operators (AND, NOT, OR) in simple search.

    If you search using the Boolean operators, beloved of librarians, you will now see the order of preference Discover has used in the results page. For complex queries, it will show brackets e.g.

           frogs OR (spawn NOT pond)

    so that you can check it is searching in the manner you expected.

    May 2016

    The Citation Trail.

    Citation Trail Image

    To help you explore around an article we’ve introduced two new buttons, Citations and Cited by. These will lead you to lists of articles that are cited in your article or that cite your article. Note that the lists are restricted to what is visible in Discover, so check your article if you need a full list.