Exam papers

  • 2015-2016 onwards: These are available for download by Brookes students and staff from the Past Examination Papers collection on RADAR.

    When on RADAR, log in, then select Search, enter keywords and limit your search to Examination papers.

    Earlier years: Printed copies are available in the Library - at Headington (Short Loan area, Level 1), Harcourt Hill (Quick Reference) and Wheatley (in the main library on the mezzanine).

    Please note that some exam papers are not available because they have been prohibited from publication. In particular, there are no copies of any exam papers which contain multiple choice questions.

    For further help, please ask at the Library Help Zone (at Headington) or Library Enquiry Desks (Harcourt Hill and Wheatley). For alternative ways to obtain help see Contact Us

  • Finding exam papers online

    Lots of past undergraduate and postgraduate exam papers are available online for Oxford Brookes students and staff. They're a great revision tool, and this short (silent) video will show you how to find them.