The Michael Jackson collection

  • The Michael Jackson Collection

  • The Michael Jackson Collection

    Michael Jackson was a leading expert on beer and whisky. He was a prolific journalist and lecturer, whose books on beer and whisky have sold over three million copies worldwide and in fifteen languages.

  • The Michael Jackson Collection, formed from the contents of Michael Jackson's office, includes 1,500 books from the expert’s personal library on beer, whisky and other drinks, as well as 300 copies of his own books.

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  • There is also an enormous amount of research material (notes, cuttings, letters etc) contained in 28 filing cabinets. The contents of the cabinets are listed and a basic index has been produced.

    Additionally, there are about 100 hand-written notebooks plus a selection of awards, including four Glenfiddich awards for food writing, plus photographs and other artefacts.

    The acquisition of the Michael Jackson Collection.

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