Special Collections policies and regulations

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    To curate unique collections for teaching and research.


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    Selected images from our collections are included on the Special Collections webpages and on RADAR.  Sometimes it is not possible to trace the copyright owner(s) of these images.  If you are the rights holder for any of the content we have included on these sites, please contact us regarding permissions by emailing libraryenquiries@brookes.ac.uk. 


    Reading Room Regulations and conditions of use

    Use of Special Collections and Archives are governed by University Regulations and Library Regulations with the following additions:

    1. Access to the Special Collections Reading Room is allowed to all bona fide researchers. The University reserves the right to refuse admission without redress.
    2. All readers must sign the visitor’s register on arrival and departure on each visit and show a valid staff or student card, or valid Special Collections Reading Room Pass. External researchers can apply for a Special Collections Reading Room Pass by completing a registration form and providing a valid form of identification.
    3. No food or drink, including bottled water, is allowed in the Reading Room; no smoking is allowed. Mobile phones and pagers must be switched off or in silent mode. Dictaphones are not permitted.
    4. All bags must be left in the lockers provided. If you wish to consult books or other materials which are not from the Special Collections in the Reading Room, you must first show them to the member of staff on duty.
    5. Books, journals, documents and other materials may not be removed from the Reading Room.
    6. Writing in, marking, or harming in any way, any manuscript, book, journal or other item belonging to the collections is forbidden. Items should not be leaned upon, refolded, traced or marked in any way. Fragile material should be read with the book rests provided.
    7. Readers wishing to use their own laptop will be accommodated where possible and use will be at their own risk.
    8. All copying is undertaken by Library staff subject to copyright law and good preservation practice. Requests for copying should be made using the form(s) provided.
    9. Researchers are permitted to take photographs of material held in Special Collections for private study or research that is not for a commercial purpose subject to copyright law. Photographs should be taken without a flash
    10. Requests for Archive Room material must be made on the Archive Room Request Form supplied.

    Download the regulations: Word PDF