Sally Croft Collection

  • Sally Croft Collection

  • Sally Croft Collection

    The Sally Croft Collection is a core collection of Occupational Therapy (OT) texts. The collection is named after the former Librarian of Dorset House Library, Sally Croft. On her retirement in 1999, the Elizabeth Casson Trust donated a sum in her honour to Dorset House Library to start a reference collection of key OT textbooks.

  • When Dorset House Library closed, the Sally Croft Collection moved with the rest of the Library's resources to the Headington Library, and from there to the Library in the John Henry Brookes Building, just before the 600s sequence of books. This small collection is updated regularly with annual funding from the Elizabeth Casson Trust, so that it remains up to date.

    You may search the catalogue of the collection by using LibrarySearch.

  • Sally Croft is a well-known and respected figure in Occupational Therapy librarianship in the UK. For 25 years she ran the Library at Dorset House, which was a significant specialist collection in Occupational Therapy, and she oversaw its move to a brand-new Library building in 1985. She was involved in spearheading many important professional developments, including the establishment of the allied health librarians' national group InFAH (Information for Allied Health).

    The Casson Trust was established in 1949 in honour of Dr Elizabeth Casson (1881-1954), First Medical Director of Dorset House School of Occupational Therapy, in order to promote the discipline of Occupational Therapy. Further details of the Casson Trust and historical details of the development of Dorset House can be found in the Dorset House Archive web pages.