Books that Shaped the Century

  • Books that shaped the century

  • Books that Shaped the Century

    The Books that Shaped the Century Collection comprises 100 books from the twentieth century deemed by a panel of publishers, librarians and booksellers to have "significantly influenced the way people thought and acted, and thus influenced the course of history for better or worse" Gordon Graham, LOGOS 20th Century Books Project.

  • The panel - members of the advisory board of LOGOS, the international book publishing journal - selected the titles after considering the 500 books recommended as "books of the century" by a variety of newspapers and institutions including The New York Times Book Review and Waterstones bookshops.

    The resulting collection encompasses a range of titles that includes two children's books, five plays, books concerned with the social sciences and science including psychology, politics, medicine, physics, management, philosophy, architecture, environment, feminism and history.

    The collection has been exhibited around Europe and the UK and is now permanently housed in Oxford Brookes University Library, John Henry Brookes Building, Level 2, Zone C.

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