E-books for Architecture, Construction, Real Estate Management

  • Some books in construction/real estate management, and a few in architecture, are now available as online/e-books in full text. These are listed and and can be accessed via the library catalogue. These are all available in the library as print copies, and the library shelf mark appears in brackets at the end of each entry. There are many more titles on order and these will be added to the list as soon as they become available. N.B. you are now able to use the library catalogue to search for e-books. You can do this by selecting Electronic Books Catalogue on the drop down menu entitled Collection, which appears to the right of the main search box.

    E-books via Dawsonera

    Atkin, Brian (2009) Performance Improvement in Construction Management, Spon Press (690.068/PER)

    Baum, Andrew E. (2009) Commercial Real Estate Investment: a Strategic Approach, Estates Gazette (332.63240941/BAU)

    Benton, W.C. (2010) Construction Purchasing & Supply Chain Management, McGraw-Hill (624.0687/BEN)

    Bonnemaison, Sarah (ed) (2008) Festival Architecture, Routledge (725.9/FES)

    Brook, Martin (2005) Estimating and Tendering for Construction Work (725.9/FES)

    Chadderton, David V. (2007) Building Services Engineering, Spon (696/CHA)

    Foster, J. (2007) Mitchell's Structure and Fabric Part1, Pearson/Prentice Hall (690/FOS)

    Hall, F (2009) Building Services Handbook, Butterworth-Heinemann (697/HAL)

    Hodgeson, P. H. (2007) The Architect, the Cook, and Good Taste, Birkhäuser (780.108/ARC )

    Ive, Graham J. (2000) The Economics of the Modern Construction Sector, Palgrave Macmillan (338.47624/IVE)

    Lucket, Kelly (2009) Green Roof Construction and Maintenance, McGraw-Hill (695.91/LUC)

    March, Chris (2009) Finance and Control for Construction, Spon Press (hard copy on order)

    Morton, Ralph (1995) Design and the Economics of Building, Spon (690/MOR)

    Psarra, Sophia (2009) Architecture and Narrative, Routledge ( 720.1/PSA)

    Richards, Jonathan (1994) Facadism, Routledge (720.286/RIC)

    Wilkinson, Sara et al (2008) Property Development, Routledge (333.330941/CAD)


    E-books via MyiLibrary

    Foster, Jack; Greeno, Roger (2007) Mitchell's Structure and Fabric, Part 2, Pearson/Prentice Hall690/FOS)

    Keeping, Miles; Shiers, David (2003) Sustainable Property Development: A Guide to Real Estate and the Environment, Blackwell Publishing (333.33/KEE)

    Lambeck, Richard; Eschemuller, John (2009) Urban Construction Project Management, McGraw-Hill Publishing (692/LAM)

    Lock, Dennis Project Management (2007) Ashgate Publishing (658.404/LOC)

    Lockyer, Keith; Gordon, James (2005) Project Management and Project Network Technique, Pearson Education (658.4032/LOC)

    Ramus, Jack; Birchall, Simon; Griffiths, Phil (2006) Contract Practice for Surveyors, Elsevier Science & Technology (692.4/RAM)

    Ratcliffe, John (2003) Urban Planning and Real Estate Development, Taylor & Francis (333.33/RAT)

    Smith, Jim; Jaggar, David (2006) Building Cost Planning for the Design Team, Elsevier Science & Technology (692.5/SMI)

    E-books via Construction Information Service

    The books are also available as a hardcopy in the library.

    Anderson, Jane, Shiers, David and Steele, Kristan (2009) The Green Duide to Specification, Wiley-Blackwell (720.47/GRE)

    Baden-Powell, Charlotte (2001) Architect's Pocket Book, Architectural Press (720/BAD)

    Bennett, David (2007) Architectural In situ Concrete, RIBA  (721.0445/BEN)

    Blueprint 3: Measuring Sustainable Development (1993)  (333.75/BLU)

    Blueprint 5: the True Costs of Road Transport (1996) Earthscan,  (711.7/BLU)

    CIBSE Guide 1999: Environment Design,  CIBSE, ,  (697/CIB)

    Clamp, Hugh (2007), Which Contract? : Choosing the Appropriate Building Contract, RIBA  (692.4/CLA)

    Code of Estimating Practice (1983) Chartered Institute of Building (692.5/COD)

    Collins, John F. (2006) Negotiating the Planning Maze, RIBA , (711.1730941/COL)

    Community Planning Handbook (1999), Earthscan,  (711.13/COM)

    Corbett, Nick  (2004)  Transforming Cities : Revival in the Square, RIBA, (711.530941/COR)

    Dye, Anne (2008) Environmental Construction Handbook, RIBA,  (720.47/DYE)

    Edwards, Brian (2005) Rough Guide to Sustainability, RIBA, (720.47/EDW)

    Elsom, Derek M (1996)  Smog Alert: Managing Urban Air Quality  Earthscan  (614.712/ELS)

    Energy Efficiency in Buildings 2004, CIBSE,  (697.7/ENE)

    Great Britain. Construction Task Force, Rethinking Construction (Egan Report), Dept of the Environment  (338.47640941/CON)

    Green Roofs (2007) CIBSE  On Order

    Halliday, Sandy (2007) Green Guide to the Architect’s Job Book, RIBA, (720.47/HAL)

    Lupton, Sarah, (2000), Architect’s Job Book, RIBA, (692/ARC)

    Lupton, Sarah (2008) Guide to IC05: JCT Intermediate Building Contract (IC), JCT Intermediate Building Contract with Contractor’s Design (ICD), RIBA On Order

    Making Cities Work  (1996)  Earthscan  (711.132/MAK)

    Metric Handbook 2008: Planning and Design Data, Architectural

    Outdoor Environment  (1992)  CIBSE  (729.28/OUT)

    Peake, Stephen  (1996)  Transport in Transition, Earthscan  (711.730941/PEA)

    Roaf, Susan (2004) Closing the Loop: Benchmarks for Sustainable Buildings, RIBA  (720.47/ROA)

    Roaf, Susan (2007), Ecodesign: a Design Guide, Architectural.  (720.47/ROA)

    Satterwaite, David (2002)  Coping with Rapid Urban Growth  RICS

    Smith, Maf  (1998)  Greening the Built Environment, Earthscan,  (711.1320941/SMI)

    The Code for Sustainable Homes: Setting the Standard in Sustainability for New Homes (2008)  Communities and Local Government  (720.47/GRE)

    Turrent, David (2007),  Sustainable Architecture, RIBA, (720.47/SUS)

    Urban Task Force (1999), Towards Urban renaissance, UTF (711.4040941/TOW)

    Off-campus access and passwords

    Access to most e-books from off campus involves confidential passwords and these are listed on the secure Library Electronic Resources pages.