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  • Construction 

    Construction: a guide to finding information (pdf)

    Project Management in the Built Environment (pdf)

    Sustainable building performance and design  (pdf)

    Weather data: sources of information (pdf)

    Search strategy (pdf)

    Real Estate Management

    Real Estate Management: a guide to finding information

    Energy efficient and sustainable building: a guide to finding information

    Weather data: sources of information

    Search strategy


    A good way to quickly find lots of information on a topic is to 'browse at the shelf'. That means to find out the shelfmark of the books on a particular subject (perhaps by doing a keyword search on LibrarySearch) and then looking through the books on that shelf and nearby shelves for useful information on the topic you are researching.

    Key shelfmarks for Planning and Urban Design:

    • 711 Planning (introduction to the subject, planning in general)
    • 711.01 Planning theory
    • 711.132 Sustainable development (& also  333.7)
    • 711.173 Planning procedures
    • 711.3 Regional planning
    • 711.39 Rural planning
    • 711.4 Urban design, urban planning
    • 711.404 Regeneration
    • 711.424 Planning for historic conservation
    • 711.523 City centre planning
    • 711.53 Planning of open spaces in urban areas
    • 711.59 Planning for housing
    • 711.7 Transport planning
    • 712 Landscape design
    • 712.4 Urban landscape design
    • 713 Design / layout of streets

    Other relevant shelfmarks:

    • 300.72 Research methods in social sciences
    • 307.76 Cities (sociology etc)
    • 346.044 Historic buildings law
    • 346.045 Planning law
    • 690.24 Maintenance and repair of buildings
    • 720.288 Conservation, preservation and restoration of buildings
    • 720.9 Architectural history (general, subdivided geographically)