• Searching Factiva
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    Factiva is an enormous international news and company data database. A huge variety of news sources in 23 languages, including Cyrillic script, Chinese simplified and traditional scripts and Arabic are included.

    • Over 10000 international news sources are available.
    • 2300+ world newspapers. Highlights include, Financial Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Straits Times, South China Morning Post. Also expect to find Le Monde, Pravda, Tokyo Shibum, Il Sole 24 Ore, Die Welt and very many more.
    • All UK national and many local newspapers are also covered. For example there are 8 from Oxfordshire, including the Oxford Mail.
    • More than 4200 trade and professional journals are available. UK journals include the Grocer, Autocar, Campaign and you can find their equivalent in other languages, such as China Aviation News in Chinese script.
    • The full text of all articles are included, but not in facsimile; photographs are not included. Adverts are not included.
    • Australian and Asian newspapers for tomorrow's date are available in Europe. Daily newspapers are generally available on the same day, but you will find that there are some embargoes on titles such as the Financial Times which is delayed by 30 days.
    • The Times archive dates back to 1981, but this varies between publications.

    Factiva also contains company data:

    • 2.4 million company profiles are included.
    • Accounting information, company/industry ratio comparisons and share prices are available for quoted companies.
    • Share prices can be charted and compared to leading stock exchange indices.
    • Foreign exchange rates are available.
    • Most of the data above is available for 5 years and can be downloaded into Excel.
    • Datamonitor SWOT analyses and other reports are available.

    Teach yourself to use Factiva

    Factiva does not work like Google! Casually typing a few words into the search box, a description of what you want, will retrieve too many articles to be helpful. Using the indexes is not intuitive and you will probably need advice.

    You are strongly recommended to look at the exercise on using this database in our Virtual Learning Course "A guide to using business and economics databases", which covers most of the business databases.

    Every student and member of staff can register and join by clicking on: http://moodle.brookes.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=19192

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    Click on Self-enrol.

    Scroll down to the section on Factiva and do the exercise: "How to use Factiva".

    Contact a member of the subject team at businesslibrarians@brookes.ac.uk if you have difficulties.

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    Whether on or off campus, click on the link below. You will be asked to enter your student number and Brookes portal password. You will then be taken to a page of e-resources - scroll down to find the entry for Factiva. Click on the link you find there to connect directly.


    If you have any problems contact: businesslibrarians@brookes.ac.uk