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  • Looking for journal articles?

    Journal articles will usually be a detailed and objective investigation of a very specific topic and, as a result, may not easy to understand by somebody who does not understand the basics of the topic already - you could try a textbook first before moving on to look for journal articles.

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    Finding a specific journal title?

    If you are looking for a specific journal title, use the Journals by title option on LibrarySearch. How to use Journals title: written guide (PDF)

    We provide access to the Harvard Business Review on Business Source Complete. How to access the Harvard Business Review: video.

    Search strategies

    If you're having trouble finding what you're looking for, try some of our advanced search strategies .

    Explore the databases

    Here are some databases that we recommend for finding articles about Business and other related topics like management, strategy, organisational behaviour etc:

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      Business Source Complete

      A huge database of academic journal articles, magazine articles, trade journals,  reports, country profiles, industry profiles, and company profiles on all aspects of business including management.

      How to use Business Source Complete: short videos and written guides.

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      A database of academic journal articles about management and business. For some articles the database only has abstracts (summaries) but for most it contains the full text.

      How to use Emerald: short videos and written guides.

      ScienceDirect contains journal articles, book chapters and open access content. You could also try Web of Science.
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      Not as big as Business Source Complete but more directly just about Economics. It contains academic journal articles, conference papers, book reviews and working papers from the America Economic Association and many of them are full-text.

      How to use EconLit: short videos and written guides.

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      A very large multi-subject database that searches many of the Business journal subscriptions. It also searches our books, ebooks, images, and other types of information sources at the same time. You can use LibrarySearch to find journal articles: type in your topic and then use the search tools menu to limit the format to article.  Guide to finding journal articles on a topic using LibrarySearch (PDF).

    • Which are the best journals?

      The first thing to check is whether or not the journal is peer-reviewed ( 3 minute explanation of peer review). On LibrarySearch, look for the peer-review icon under the article title in your search results. You can also check a journal's website to find out whether it is peer-reviewed.

      You can also use journal 'rankings' lists to see which are the most highly regarded journals in your subject.

      The Chartered Association of Business Schools  Academic Journal Guide is very useful for this. You need to register to view the guide, but it is free. Type in a journal title to see its ranking, or alternatively, where it says 'Show all fields', select Sector Studies from the menu. This will show you some journals focusing on Hospitality and Tourism.