• UK Statistics

    National Statistics

    This is the home of official UK Statistics containing statistics on the UK economy, business, population and society. The latest Inflation figures, GDP, population etc. can be found on the Key figures page or by selecting Economy from the top of the homepage. The browse by theme menu will allow you to view the statistics available thematically, for example by selecting Economy to find links to the Balance of Payments, National Accounts, Price Indices and Inflation, etc.

    Times Series Data is available via the Data tab. The website contains economic and socio-economic statistical data from over 40,000 major National Statistics releases. Some of the series start from 1948. You can access individual series by going through different screen selections to get the series you want which you can then download into Excel.

    Well known official publications like the United Kingdom National Account -The Blue Book ,the Balance of Payments - Pink Book, Economic Trends and Financial Statistics etc. for 2000 onwards can be found by using the Publications tab or putting the title of the publication you need in the search box.

    This government project provides access to a range of public sector datasets which allows users to interact, link and create data resources. All data is non-personal and provided in a format that allows it to be reused. The data content covers all areas of government policy including economics and finance and business and industry.

    HM Treasury
    The Treasury is the UK's economic and finance ministry and contains useful UK data, including the Budget. The Economic data and tools section has links to downloadable statistics such as the weekly economic indicators page. 

    Bank of England Statistics
    The Bank publishes a range of monetary and financial statistics including domestic and international banking statistics. The Bank of England Statistical Interactive Database can be searched, navigated by the use of the tables provided or by using the A-Z listings.