UK statistics

  • Official Sites:

    Bank of England Statistics
    The Bank publishes a range of monetary and financial statistics including domestic and international banking statistics. The Bank of England Statistical Interactive Database can be searched, navigated by the use of the tables provided or by using the A-Z listings.
    This government project provides access to a range of public sector datasets which allows users to interact, link and create data resources. All data is non-personal and provided in a format that allows it to be reused. The data content covers all areas of government policy including economics and finance and business and industry.

    HM Treasury
    The Treasury is the UK's economic and finance ministry and contains useful UK data, including the Budget. The Economic indicators section has links to downloadable statistics such as the latest economic indicators page which includes the Pocket Data Bank. This is a weekly publication which contains time-series data for a range of national and international indicators as an Excel file.

    London Stock Exchange (LSE)
    The London Stock Exchange (LSE) provides access to historic share price information, updated daily. A Statistics link provides updated statistical information covering UK, International and Alternative Investment Market (AIM) trading information.

    National Statistics

    This is the home of official UK Statistics containing statistics on the UK economy, business, population and society. The latest Inflation figures, GDP, population etc. can be found on the Key figures page or by selecting Economy from the top of the homepage. The browse by theme menu will allow you to view the statistics available thematically, for example by selecting Economy to find links to the Balance of Payments, National Accounts, Price Indices and Inflation, etc.

    Times Series Data is available via the Data tab. The website contains economic and socio-economic statistical data from over 40,000 major National Statistics releases. Some of the series start from 1948. You can access individual series by going through different screen selections to get the series you want which you can then download into Excel.

    Well known official publications are best found by putting the title of the publication you need in quotes in the search box on the home page or by using the Publications tab.

    Annual Abstract of Statistics (Print available in Wheatley and Headington Statistics Collections 314.1/GRE)
    This annual publication is a comprehensive source of UK statistical data on a range of subjects, including population, economy (GDP), external trade and investment, education, employment, agriculture and finance. Many of the tables span 10 years. See also Monthly Digest of Statistics

    Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE)
    The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings provide information about the earnings and hours of all employees of all industries and occupations. The ASHE replaced the New Earnings Survey (NEW) from 2004.

    This is the most comprehensive survey on the UK population which includes data on household accommodation, relationship, demographic characteristics (e.g. sex, age, marital status), migration, cultural characteristics, health and provision of care, qualifications, employment, workplace and journey to work.

    Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Retail Prices Index (RPI)
    The Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Retail Price Index (RPI) are available on the National Statistics website, as well as data for the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices across the European Union. The CPI is the main measure of inflation in the UK for macroeconomic purposes and forms the basis for the Government's inflation target and is available from 1988 onwards. The RPI is the most familiar measure of inflation in the UK and RPI data and RPI percentage change data is available from 1947 and 1948 respectively.

    The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)

    The BIS Economics and Statistics website contains government statistics on the following areas: further and higher education, building materials, construction prices and costs, economic performance and employment, innovation,trade union membership and regional economic performance indicators.

    The Economic & Labour Market Review (ELMR) This print publication includes two separate online publications from the ONS website: Economic Review (2011-Present) and Labour Market Statistics (2006-Present). The ELMR (2007- Present) is available in print in the Wheatley and Headington Statistics Collections 331.0212/GRE. An archive of the ELMR is available from the publisher's website (2007-2011). It provides an up-to-date summary of the UK economy and labour market. Areas covered include: Business Output, Incomes and Household expenditure, Employment Relations (including Labour Disputes, Trade Unions), Workforce Skills, Training and Qualifications, R&D, Labour Migration and Public Sector Output Employment and Finances. Current versions available online on the ONS website as Economic Review and Labour Market Statistics.

    Economic Review (Print available in the Economic and Labour Market Review (a month after online publication), Wheatley and Headington Statistics Collections 331.0212/GRE)

    This provides an up-to-date summary of the UK economy and labour market and includes, GDP releases, the labour market, retail sales, trade, industrial production, construction output, producer prices, consumer prices and public sector finances.

    Economic Trends (Print available in Wheatley and Headington Statistics Collection 330.0212/GRE)
    This monthly publication ceased in December 2006 and data on UK economic accounts, prices, labour market, output and demand indicators, selected financial statistics, GDP, consumer and wholesale price indices, households' final consumption expenditure, trade, earnings, and regional and international economic indicators. It has now been replaced by Economic & Labour Market Review (see above) .

    Environment Statistics on the Defra website
    This section of the Defra website allows you to search government statistics reports for summary statistics on the environment in the United Kingdom. The latest report is The Digest of Waste and Resource Statistics - 2016 edition, which is available to read online or download.

    Family spending - A report on the Expenditure and Food Survey (Print available in Wheatley and Headington Statistics Collection 339.40212/FAM)
    This is a continuous survey and the online surveys date back to 2001. The publication contains detailed analyses of what households in the UK spend their money on today.

    Financial Statistics (Print available in Wheatley Statistics Collection 336.00212/GRE)
    This monthly publication contains data on public sector finance, central government revenue and expenditure, money supply and credit, banks and building societies, interest and exchange rates, financial accounts, capital issues, balance sheets and balance of payments.

    Living in Britain see the General Household Survey

    Labour Market Trends (incorporates Employment Gazette) (Print available in Wheatley and Headington Statistics Collections 331.0212 GRE)
    This monthly publication ceased in December 2006 and contained a selection of labour market statistics including earnings, employment, Government training and employment programmes, New Deal, redundancies, unemployment vacancies and more. It has now been replaced by Economic & Labour Market Review (See above) .

    Labour Market statistics
    This monthly publication contains latest data for employment, economic activity, economic inactivity, ILO unemployment, claimant count, average earnings, productivity, unit wage costs, Jobcentre vacancies, labour disputes. Print available in the Economic and Labour Market Review, Wheatley and Headington Statistics Collections 331.0212/GRE (See above).

    Minimum Wage figures
    National Minimum Hourly Rate figures from 1999 onwards can be found in the reports on the Low Pay Commission website.

    Monthly Digest of Statistics (Print available in Wheatley and Headington Statistics Collection 314.1 GRE)
    This monthly publication brings the figures in the Annual Abstract of Statistics up-to-date. It is however more limited in scope.

    New Earnings Survey see Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings

    Nomis UK Labour Market data

    Nomis is a service provided by the Office for National Statistics, ONS, to give you free access to the most detailed and up-to-date UK labour market statistics from official sources. Nomis provides an extensive range of government statistical information on the UK labour market including Employment, Unemployment, Earnings, Labour Force Survey, Jobcentre Plus vacancies and demographics (including 1981, 1991 and 2001 Census of Population; population estimates and projections; and migrations) and job vacancies.

    Overseas Travel and Tourism statistics (MQ6)
    This quarterly publication contains data on visits to and from the UK by overseas residents and visits abroad by UK residents.

    Pension Trends
    This report looks at both the economic and social factors that influence pension provision and pension income in the UK over time.

    This ONS topic guide explains what productivity is, why it matters and how it is measured. Productivity is a key economic indicator used to measure the efficiency and competitiveness of an economy.

    Region and Country Profiles

    A source of essential statistics for the regions of England and the countries of the UK (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). The tables provide a wide range of demographic, social, environmental and economic statistics to compare the countries, regions and local authority areas which give key facts and figures about life and the economy in each of the regions and countries.

    Regional Trends

    Print available until 2001 in Wheatley and Headington Statistics Collection 314.1 REG, 2001 -2011 available via National Statistics website, now seems to have been replaced by Region and Country Profiles (See above).
    This annual publication covered a wide range of demographic, social, industrial and economic statistics, divided into regions.

    Results from the General Household Survey 1995 -2007 on ONS web, (Print available in Wheatley and Headington Statistics Collection 312.0941 GRE)2008 -2010 on ONS web as General lifestyle survey which ceased on Jan 2012 to be replaced by Department of Work and Pension's Family Resource Survey

    The General Household survey collected information from people living in private households in Great Britain and has been providing key data on life in modern Britain for over 30 years. The results of the General Household Survey (GHS) have been published in Living in Britain which is available in print and via the National Statistics website. It has now been replaced by the Family Resource Survey.

    Social Trends (Print available in Wheatley and Headington Statistics Collections 310 SOC)
    This annual publication recorded a variety of social and economic sources to show British society today and how it is changing and covered a range of data, including, population, education, health, housing, lifestyles, income, labour market, etc. It ceased publication in print and has been replaced by the Measuring National Well-being webpages and publications.

    UK 2005 the official Yearbook (Print available in Wheatley QR 941.086/UNI)
    This overview of the UK covers government, international relations, the economy, public finance, financial services, international trade and investment, education and training, the labour market, social protection, health, crime and justice, religion, culture, communications and the media, sport, environment and much more.

    United Kingdom National Accounts - The Blue Book (Print available in Wheatley and Headington Statistics Collections 339.30212/NAT)
    This annual publication provides detailed estimates of national accounts, including gross national product, consumption, income and expenditure for the UK. All tables contain data for the last nine years and some contain data for the last eighteen years. The blue book is available online from 2000 onwards and time series datasets are available online from 1948 onwards.

    United Kingdom Balance of Payments - The Pink book (Print available in Wheatley Statistics Collection 382.170212/UNI)
    This annual publication has detailed estimates of UK balance of payments, including the current accounts (trade in goods and services, income and current transfers transactions), the capital and financial accounts and the International Investment Position.