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    Zetoc contents

    Zetoc is a database produced by the British Library and Mimas. It covers more than 28,000 journals and contains records to over 45 million journal articles and conference papers. Records date back to 1993 and the database is updated daily. Zetoc covers a wide range of subjects from the pure sciences, technology, medicine and engineering through to law, business and the arts and humanities.

    Within Zetoc it is possible to carry out searches and to set up alerts and RSS feeds. Although Zetoc is not a full text database the 'Full Text Finder' links connect users to any full text that is available elsewhere in Brookes' collections.

    Search Features

    From the Zetoc homepage select Zetoc Search. You will be offered 3 types of search:

    • General Search- for conferences and journals
    • Conference Search - for conference papers only
    • Journal Search - for journal articles only

    If you have specific titles to search for then you can use Conference or Journal Search, but if you want to find everything that is available on a particular subject or topic then you should select General Search which will enable you to search in both areas. You will be offered a form to complete and you will be guided with examples.

    Using the ‘All fields:’ box will give the broadest search.
    Search refinements available include:

    • Phrase searching using quotation marks (“climate change”).
    • Truncation using the asterisk (librar* would search for library, libraries and librarians). Truncation can only be used at the end of a word and the asterisk must be preceded by at least 5 other characters.
    • You cannot use AND, OR, NOT as in other databases. Zetoc assumes there is an AND between every word entered. Entering the search - "small business" market* china - will find entries on marketing and markets for small business in China.

    Search results

    The results of any search will be displayed as Brief Records. The Full Record of an individual result can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate number to the left. The Full Record shows complete bibliographic details and sometimes an abstract (summary) along with a ‘Link Source’ link (Check Full Text Finder for more information).
    Full Text Finder checks the electronic journal holdings for the whole of Brookes and connects you if available. If Brookes holds no copy of the article then the article can be obtained through the Inter-Library Loans service.

    It is possible to Email Records or Download them as a .txt file, if there are a large numbers of records you may wish to tag the ones of most interest first by ticking in the boxes to the left.

    The History button reveals a search history with details of all the searches carried out in the current session with the most recent searches shown first. For each search there will be View, Email Records, Download and Edit options.

    Journals included within Zetoc

    Go to:

    • About on the toolbar
    • General Information heading
    • Journals included in Zetoc.

    From here it is possible to search for a journal alphabetically by name or to search for words and phrases in the journal names. Scroll down, and you can see subject headings under which are listed relevant titles.

    Setting up a Zetoc alert list

    It is possible to set up Table of Contents (TOC) and subject alerts.

    Table of Contents alerts

    • Select Alert from the Zetoc toolbar.
    • Search for Oxford Brookes University, either by using the search box or the drop-down menu under Universities, c lick on Go.
    • Select Create.
    • Enter a valid email address and a name for that alert. Then click on Create. You will see a message to say that your list has been saved.
    • Please read through the instructions that appear explaining the restrictions on using the information received via Zetoc. It is now possible to construct the search. Scroll down to the bottom and click Add Journals.
    • You will notice that the screen is divided in two. On the right-hand side, there are options to search for a journal by using words in the title or scroll to the bottom to browse through title and subject lists. Select journals of interest by using the Add button. The journals you choose will then appear in the list on the left-hand side of the screen.
    • Once finished choose Home.
    • You will receive via email the contents' pages of the journals you have selected as soon as they are published.

    Subject alerts

    Set up this type of alert in the same way as for a Table of Contents alert, until the point where you construct the alert. At this point, you will need to choose Add Searches. Using the same split screen format it is possible to search for words within the titles of articles and/or authors names. Note that this subject alert search will be carried out against any new articles added to the Zetoc database.
    Alerts will operate for twelve months at a time but can be renewed at any time for a twelve month period by clicking the Renew/Modify Alert List details button at the bottom of the left-hand half of the screen.

    Setting up an RSS feed

    You can set up RSS feeds for individual journals in Zetoc. You will need to choose a news/feed reader or aggregator to check your feeds and display updated content. Further information on RSS feeds can be found at web feeds

    • Once you have chosen your feed reader or aggregator go to the Zetoc homepage and select Zetoc RSS.
    • Search for the journal(s) of interest.
    • Once you have located a journal, click on the orange RSS button to the right of the screen.
    • From the next screen copy and paste the URL address in the browser’s navigation bar into the appropriate place in your news reader (many RSS readers have a button or menu item which you can use to add a new feed). Some software, or browser extensions, will allow you to simply drag the RSS button across to the list of feeds to be added.
    • Citations will be sent to your reader as soon as they are available. For each citation your RSS reader will usually display some or all of the following: Journal title, ISSN and publisher, together with the article titles and authors, journal issue and page numbers. Each citation has a link to the Zetoc full record page where you can check article availability.