Referencing in MHRA

  • Help with referencing in the MHRA style

    MHRA is a referencing style produced by the Modern Humanities Research Association. As part of your English Literature, Drama or Creative Writing course you will need to use the MHRA referencing style to cite sources you have used in your assignments.
    This online guide shows you how the MHRA referencing style works and how to reference specific types of sources. It's also available in a PDF version Citing your References in the MHRA Style: a Guide for English and Drama Students (revised August 2017). 

    If you have a query that isn't covered in these guides, check the full MHRA Style Guide (3rd edn, 2013). Printed versions of the MHRA Style Guide are available in Headington Library at 808.02/MOD.

    Cite Them Right Online also includes advice and examples of referencing in the MHRA style, although it's not as detailed as the guides mentioned above. 

    For further help with referencing, contact the  Academic Liaison Librarian for English and Drama

  • How the MHRA style works

    Check this guide to find out:

    • MHRA basics: footnotes and bibliographies
    • How to set out quotations
    • How to reference the same source throughout your essay 
    • How to cite a source quoted in another author's work (secondary referencing)
    • How to calculate your Word count