How to reference a web page

  • Key things to remember when referencing web pages in MHRA

    • If no individual author is credited, you can use the name of the organisation responsible for the web page e.g. The Poetry Book Society. 
    • If the web page is part of a larger resource or site, put the title of the page in single quotation marks and the title of the site in italics. 
    • For the date, give the year the page was last updated if available If this information is not available, use ‘[n.d.]’ (= no date).

    Referencing a web page

    Footnote format: Firstname Lastname, ‘Title of Web page’, Title of Resource (Year) <URL> [accessed day month year].

    For example:

    Gary Harrison, ‘Romanticism, Nature, Ecology’, Romantic Circles, (2006) <> [accessed 12 July 2017].

    Bibliography format: Lastname, Firstname, ‘Title of Web page’, Title of Resource (Year) <URL> [accessed day month year]

    For example:

    Harrison, Gary, ‘Romanticism, Nature, Ecology’, Romantic Circles, (2006) <> [accessed 12 July 2017]