Improve your coursework, exam and dissertation skills

  • Have a look at the resources that Upgrade make available, in particular:  

    Interested in finding some books about improving your study skills? There's a curated list of relevant books in Oxford Brookes Library, on topics such as:

    • Exam preparation and technique
    • Dissertations and research projects
    • Maths and statistics
    Past exam papers are available for download by Brookes students and staff from  RADAR. Have a look at this short video Finding past Oxford Brookes exam papers on RADAR to learn how to quickly find them.

    Seeing past dissertations are a good way to understand what's expected of you. Even if the topic isn't quite the same as yours, it's still helpful to look at the structure, the style and the tone of voice.


    Have a look at our dissertations locations guide, to see how you can find past Oxford Brookes dissertations.