Finding and using other useful resources in geography

  • This curated reading list shows how to find Information about Oxford and Oxfordshire - its history, geography, architecture, planning, health, economic strategy, transport, tourism. It includes both printed and online sources.


    Explore the history of Oxford Brookes in our Special Collections


    Learn more about the Oxford Local History Centre.

    There is a lot of useful material on crime and policing available online, although you need to think carefully about whether what you find is appropriate for academic work. You may find this guide to evaluating web resources useful (PDF). You may also want to look at this list of recommended geography websites
    To learn about how to find different types of news (from the UK and beyond), have a look at our news and current affairs page.

    Box of Broadcasts is a service that all Oxford Brookes students and staff have access to (although you cannot access it from outside the UK). Box of Broadcasts provides access to an extensive archive of TV and radio content. When you go to Box of Broadcasts, click 'sign in' and then select 'Oxford Brookes' when prompted.


    You can also make and share your own Box of Broadcasts playlists.

    Find out more about how to find and use government publications. The page concentrates on the UK, but there is also information about EU, US and international publications.