Get more from Google

  • Get more from Google

    Get more from Google
  • Smart searching

    You can get better results from Google if you learn how to be a smart searcher.  Try the tips under each of the tabs below.

    For more subject-specific sources, you should also try our databases, available through your subject help page.

  • Google pros

    • Fast and easy
    • Great for quick queries
    • Variety of formats: video, images, news etc.
    • Automatic language translation

    Google cons

    • Too many results - information overload!
    • Results not always relevant
    • Sources not necessarily reliable
    • Can be difficult to pick out the most useful info.
  • Advanced Search

    The URL for Google Advanced Search is: Or, you can just Google 'advanced search'!

    Tutorial video: Boolean searching

    Google advanced search allows you to combine search terms, using Boolean search functions (AND, OR, NOT) to design a better search. This video will show you how.

    Text-only version

    boolean search tutorial video

    Summary graphic (interactive)

    Tutorial video: Using filters

    Once you've mastered the techniques above, try using the advanced search filters.

    This video will show you how to filter your results by language, region, last update, website type or file format.

    These can be useful for telling Google specifically what to look for, where to look and what you want in your results.

    Text-only version

    Image search

    Just like Google text search, Google image search has advanced options that can be really helpful.

    Tutorial video: Finding images and gifs

    Watch this video to learn how to find great pictures, photos and animated images for your projects and presentations.

    Text-only version

    Don't forget to reference the images you find:
    Referencing photos from the internet (Cite Them Right guidance)

    Guide: Spotting fake images online

    Take a look at this guide from to see how Google can help you to check the truth of images you find online.

    Google Scholar

    Find lots of academic content including journal articles, theses and case law using Google Scholar.

    And if you change your settings to look for Oxford Brookes content, it will tell you when an article is available in full text through the Library! We show you how in our Library Links video.

    Text-only formats for Searching Scholar and Library Links

    Tutorial video: Searching Scholar

    scholar search tutorial video

    Tutorial video: Library Links

    library links tutorial video

    Extension quiz

    Trickier questions - have you mastered Google Scholar?