Cancer and palliative care

  • Databases

    There are many healthcare databases relevant to cancer and palliative care. Key databases are listed below. You may well need other  healthcare databases during the course of your studies. Don't forget that the general  Subject help webpages for Health provide a range of additional information, including 'How to ..guides.

    To start with, try 
    CINAHL - This is a large database, is easy to use and it's easy to access the things Brookes subscribes to in full text. It is North American, but includes research from all over the world, including the UK. 

    Other useful databases include:

    • British Nursing Database - covers nursing, midwifery and community health and includes palliative care and cancer care articles. It is mainly UK journals.
    • Cochrane Library - provides systematic reviews of evidence for the effectiveness of treatments.
    • PsycINFO - this is our main psychology and mental health database. Use this database if your topic deals with any kind of mental health issue or cognitive impairment.
    • PubMed - this is a huge database. It covers biomedicine and nursing and the science behind conditions and treatments.
    • Web of Science - This is a large multi-disciplinary database, could be useful for international material. You can also do a search on this database to find other articles which have used a specific article as a reference. Have a look at the Citation Searching guide on our 'How to...' list on our  webpages for more information on how to do this.


    If you need any further help or information, consult our Health webpages which include the Librarians' contact details. You are welcome to contact us to arrange a 1:1 appointment.