Children's nursing

  • This page lists key resources for Children's Nursing. Please also make sure that you have looked at the Adult Nursing page as well as the general Health and Social Care pages to make sure you have not missed any relevant information. You may also find useful information on the Education and Psychology pages.

    • British Nursing Database: covers nursing and midwifery.
    • CINAHL: covers allied health and nursing.
    • Cochrane Library: covers evidence based health care.
    • PubMed: covers biomedicine and nursing.
    • PsycINFO: covers psychology, psychiatry, child development, psychological aspects of illness and treatment.

    The best way to locate articles about your topic is to do a search on one of the health care databases. If you aren't sure how to do this, our How to... guides will help you get started.

    The Journal titlessearch on the Library homepage gives details of e-journals we have access to, as well as all the printed journals held in the Library.

    Some of the key children's nursing journals that we stock are:

    Archives of disease in childhood

    British journal of school nursing

    Child development

    Child and adolescent mental health

    Child: care, health and development

    Children's health care

    Journal of child health care: for professionals working with children in the hospital and community

    Journal of child psychology and psychiatry and allied disciplines

    Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics

    Journal of pediatric psychology

    Journal of school nursing

    Paediatric nursing

    Paediatrics and child health

  • Sources of further help

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