Evidence-based practice

  • This page provides information about some key electronic resources for evidence-based practice.

    You should also look at the general Health Care Web pages otherwise you will miss out on useful information!


    • Cochrane Library: The single most important database for evidence-based practice. It contains a full-text collection of systematic reviews of evidence as well as secondary databases of randomised controlled trials and related information.
    • TRIP database: A searchable database of links to high-quality, freely accessible evidence-based medicine and healthcare resources on the Web, including some full-text. Freely available on and off-campus, no password required.

    Electronic journals

    Bandolier is "a ... journal about health care, using evidence-based medicine techniques to provide advice about particular treatments or diseases for healthcare professionals and consumers". Also available in print format from NHS libraries.

    The following relevant electronic journals are all available via Brookes, on or off-campus, in full text. To access them, or any of our print journals, do a Journal titles search on the Library homepage.

    • British Journal of Clinical Governance
    • BMJ
    • Clinical Performance and Quality Healthcare
    • Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
    • Medical Decision Making
    • Sackett, D. L. (1996) Evidence based medicine: what it is and what it is not. British Medical Journal, vol. 312, no.7023, 13th January, 71-2.

    Web sites

    Printed resources

    Check the Books & e-books for details of books on evidence-based practice. A key resource, available in print and as an ebook, is:

    • Aveyard, H. (2017). A beginner's guide to evidence based practice in health and social care. Milton Keynes, Oxford University Press.


    If you need any further help or information, you can e-mail healthcarelibrarians@brookes.ac.uk