Learning disabilities

  • This page provides information about some of the online resources available looking at learning disabilities. Use it to supplement the sources you find from your reading lists and the Library Catalogue and alongside the information on our general Health and Social Work web pages.

  • The following books are all available for you to view online. If you have problems accessing them, please let us know.

    The best way to locate articles about learning disabilities is to do a topic search on one of the health care databases. If you aren't sure how to do this, our Going beyond your reading list: how to find research on a topic guide will help you get started.

    The following key journals are all available electronically and all are on the A-to-Z of e-journals. Full text availability as indicated.

    Advances in mental health and intellectual disabilities 2007-present (not most recent year)

    British journal of learning disabilities 1997-present

    Insights on learning disabilities 2005-present

    Journal of intellectual disabilities 1999-present

  • Sources of further help

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