Paramedic emergency care

  • Databases

    There are many healthcare databases relevant to paramedics, you may well need others as well as the ones on this list during the course of your studies.

    To start with, try
    CINAHL - This is a large database, is easy to use and it's easy to access the things Brookes subscribes to in full text. It is North American, but includes research from all over the world, including the UK.
    PubMed - This is a huge database which is good for finding information on pre-hospital emergency care worldwide and for finding information about medical conditions and their treatment.

    If you are trying to find out how effective a treatment is then search
    Cochrane Library which indexes Cochrane reviews. A Cochrane review is seen as the gold standard of evidence based healthcare as it brings together every piece of research on an intervention from around the world and draws conclusions based on all of the evidence available.

    If you're looking specifically for something which happens in the UK or within the NHS try
    British Nursing Database which is the only one of our main databases which is produced in the UK and covers some UK journals which aren't indexed elsewhere. Be careful and make sure you choose the 'Anywhere except full text' option from the drop down menu when you do a search so that you don't get articles where your search term is mentioned once deep into the article or in its references list.

    If your topic looks at something which is happening internationally, especially in the developing world, then it's worth trying
    Web of Science You can also do a search on this database to find other articles which have used a specific article as a reference. Have a look at the Citation Searching guide on our 'How to...' list for more information on how to do this.

    If your topic deals with any kind of mental health issue or cognitive impairment, then make sure you've also looked at
    PsycINFO which is our main psychology and mental health database.

    Using SCAS resources for paramedics

    All SCAS staff and students can register for a SCAS OpenAthens Account.

    You'll need to self-register via and select South Central Ambulance Service as your organisation.
    To see all SCAS electronic content and to access help please go to the SCAS Library page

    For journals login to the AtoZ list and to see the range of ebooks available visit the SCAS ebooks subject page.

    Sources of further help

    For help finding any health care related information, contact the Health and Social Work librarians


    Telephone: 01865 483135

    In person: Headington Library, JHB 310 (Level 3, Zone C)