Public health

  • This page provides information about some key resources for Public Health. Please also make sure that you have looked at the general Health and Social Work pages to make sure you have not missed any relevant information.


    • British Nursing Database: nursing, midwifery and community health care.
    • CINAHL: nursing and allied health care from North America and Europe.
    • Cochrane library: evidence based health care.
    • PsycINFO: psychology, psychiatry, child development, psychological aspects of illness and treatment.
    • PubMed: medical and nursing database.

    Web sites

    • CASH: Current Awareness Service for Health keeping health professionals up to date with new developments in Primary Care, Secondary Care and Mental Health.
    • EPPI-Centre: Health promotion and public health reviews facility which undertakes policy-relevant systematic reviews of the evidence in key topic areas. Reviews can be searched by topic or date.
    • Health-EU Portal: the official public health portal of the European Union. Information can be found under categories such as age group and gender; lifestyle; environment and general health problems.
    • NHS Evidence: range of resources for NHS professionals and health and social care students.
    • OAlster: Created by the University of Michigan University Library this collection provides freely available, previously difficult-to-access, academically-oriented digital resources that are easily searchable by anyone. Resources include books, articles, websites and thesis, although the bias is towards American resources.
    • Public Health Observatories:
    • The UK's Faculty of Public Health
    • The Department of Health's Public Health
    • The Royal Society for Public Health
    • The Health Protection Agency

    Current Awareness

    The Public Health Bulletin service provides topical news and reports of relevance to public health teams, community health practitioners and anyone with an interest in health promotion. It does not include NICE updates. It is produced fortnightly on a collaborative basis by several health library services in Thames Valley & Wessex .It covers the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. It is created under Creative Commons Licence.


    There are a wealth of journals relevant to public health available either in print or electronic format. The Journal titles search on the Library homepage gives details of e-journals we have access to, as well as all the printed journals held in the Library.

    • American journal of public health
    • Evidence-based healthcare and public health
    • Global health promotion
    • Journal of aging and health
    • Journal of public health
    • Public health
    • Public health ethics
    • Public health nutrition
    • Social work in public health

    Sources of further help

    For help finding any health care related information, email