Useful websites

  • The Factiva database is a great place to start looking for industry news.

    It's an international database and provides free access to articles that might not be freely available on the web. Here's a guide to searching Factiva (PDF).

    You can also use some of the following sites to keep up to date with new developments in the hospitality, tourism and events industries:

  • Leisure and Tourism data from the Office of National Statistics : a free resource with data on monthly overseas travel and tourism, international passenger surveys, UK residents visits abroad, etc.

    World Bank: freely available data from a reputable source on a variety of tourism topics (type 'tourism' into the search box to see what is available). There is also a dashboard where you can see data by country.

    Virtual Tourism Observatory: a free dashboard from the European Commission to access statistical information on tourism in Europe.

    The Purple Guide aims to give organisers a single source reference to the things they need to take into consideration when putting on and managing an event. Full access to the Purple Guide is only available through Brookes PCs on campus.

    EMBOK: the Events Management Body of Knowledge