Using books and ebooks in law

  • Finding and using books and ebooks for law: This PDF guide will help you get started with finding books and ebooks.

    The following two guides are not aimed specifically at law students but are still really clear and helpful:

    LibrarySearch: Use LibrarySearch to see what books the library has, and where they are shelved. Remember, the majority of law books are on level 2 of Headington library. You can also download a library floorplan.


    Welcome to LibrarySearch: This short silent video will help you get started with LibrarySearch

    See a list of new law books and ebooks in the library. For print books, click on the book's title to see where in the library it is shelved. The newest books and ebooks are always added to the top of this list.

    The library's online reading lists are a quick way to get hold of what you need to read for your modules.


     Search for the module number or module name on the reading list page. You can also find the reading list for each of your modules on Moodle - just look down the right hand side of the screen in each module.


    You won't always be expected to read everything on your reading list for each week's topic. Look to see if some items are marked as 'essential', 'key', 'core' etc and focus on them. You can follow up with things labelled as 'optional' or 'further reading' if you choose. If you're unclear what to prioritise in each week's reading list, ask your module leader or seminar leader.


    Recommend a law book for the library to buy


    If you are interested in a book that we do not have in Oxford Brookes library, you might also want to consider our interlibrary loans service

  • Finding books and ebooks on LibrarySearch

    You can use LibrarySearch to look for specific books, or to look for books on a topic or subject. This short video will help you get started

  • Placing a hold

    If the book you would like to borrow from the library is on loan to someone else, you can place a hold. When the book is ready for you, you will be sent an email and you can collect it. This short video will show you how to place a hold.