Referencing and the OSCOLA style

  • What is OSCOLA referencing and why does it matter?

    The Oxford Standard for Citation Of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) is a referencing style produced by the University of Oxford's Law Faculty and an Editorial Advisory Board. It is a set of rules for accurately citing cases, legislation and other materials. OSCOLA is not only used by universities. Many publishers use this style in their books and journals to ensure that citations are presented clearly and consistently. As part of your course, you may be asked to use the OSCOLA referencing style to cite the resources you have used in your work.

    Referencing your sources is a key aspect of academic and legal writing. By referencing your sources you are demonstrating that:

    • you can provide the relevant legal authority to support your work.
    • the arguments that you refer to have been supported by evidence from reliable and credible sources.
    • credit is given to other people's work, thereby avoiding plagiarism.
    • you have searched resources like books and journals widely for information on your topic.