Databases for French Studies

  • Additional Library resources available during the COVID-19 pandemic

    In addition to the e-content provided through the Library web site, many academic publishers are making additional e-resources available. Check this list  Library resources during COVID-19 pandemic for details. The list is being updated as more resources become available, so do check back regularly.

  • The Library subscribes to various databases that you can use for finding sources on a topic. Most databases are designed to help you to trace academic journal articles, but we also have databases covering other sources such as newspapers, language dictionaries, films and TV. Log in when prompted with your Brookes username and password. 

    Help with finding articles and searching databases:

    • Factiva is an international news database and a key resource for French Studies. It covers French newspapers and magazines such as L´Entreprise, L'Expansion, L´Express, L'Humanité, L'Indépendant, Libération, Le Point, Le Temps, La Tribune and many others.

      Tips on searching Factiva :

      • To search Factiva for articles from a specific publication e.g. 'Libération', click on 'Source' and type the publication title in the 'Find a Source' box.
      • If you want to search through all French publications, click on 'Source', then use the ‘Select Source Category’ drop-down menu to select Publications – By Region. Browse through the regions and countries, then click on France to add it to your search.
      • The default Language setting is to look for articles in English. To change this, first click on English to remove it from your search. Next, click on 'Language' and select French from the list to add it to your search.
      • For further tips, check this PDF guide How to search Factiva
      Box of Broadcasts (BoB) - this service gives you access to thousands of recorded radio and TV programmes including films from an online archive.  It allows users to record programmes which will then be stored on the database. First-time users will be prompted to register. You can search for programmes already recorded, view the programme guide and also search for playlists and create your own. Take a look at the playlist called ‘French cinema Oxford Brookes’ which includes a range of French films.