Japanese books, language resources and films

  • Most of your books for Modern Languages will be located in  Headington Library

    To find a book, use the Books & e-books search on the Library home page and type in the author, title or subject that you are interested in. Alternatively you can use LibrarySearch and then limit your search results to books.

    Print books have a call number which tells you where the book is shelved in the Library, for example 306.0952 VAR. If the book is on loan to another user or at one of our other libraries, you can put a hold on it. If it's on the shelves, it's quicker for you to go and get it yourself. 

    If it’s an e-book, follow the 'View e-book' link to connect to it. Log in when prompted with your Brookes student number and password. Find out more about accessing and downloading e-books 

    Finding books for Japanese Studies (PDF) » - includes useful sections to browse for subjects such as Japanese culture, manga & film.

    What's new? » New books & DVDs for Japanese

    Online books and journals for Japanese Studies» - resources you can access even while in Japan 

    Reading lists

    Most reading lists are available online via the relevant Moodle course. You can also  search the full collection of reading lists or browse online reading lists for  Japanese

  • Books and other resources for learning Japanese are shelved on Level 2 of the Library, in Zone E (silent study area). Here are some key sections:

    • Japanese language…495.6
    • Dictionaries (Japanese, Japanese/English)… 495.6321
    • Japanese grammar…495.65
    • Learning Japanese; Japanese language usage…495.68
    • Tell Me More: Japanese virtual language centre kit available to borrow from the Library…495.682421
    • Graded readers including the Brookes series Let's Read Japanese…495.686. For more details of Japanese literature, short stories & easy readers, see the section below.

    Freely available online: Learn Japanese: Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese

    Let's Read Japanese

    Brookes teaching staff have been involved in producing a series of graded readers in Japanese called Let's Read Japanese. Copies are available for you to borrow from the Library shelved at 495.686/LET:

    Easy readers

    Other easy readers are available in the Japanese language books section (Level 2), including:

    • Emmerich, M. and Matsunaga, R. Read real Japanese fiction: short stories by contemporary writers...495.6824/REA
    • Sasaki, H. (2002). Practical Japanese through comics: 150 phrases...495.6824/SAS
    • Ashby, J. (1994). Read real Japanese...495.6824/REA
    • Murray, G. (2007). Exploring Japanese literature: read Mishima, Tanizaki and Kawabata in the original...495.686/EXP

    Japanese literature

    Japanese literature is shelved around 895.6 on Level 4 of the Library. NB You'll now find these books in Zone E (the silent study room). We have modern and classic fiction in translation and short story collections such as:

    • Emmerich, M. Short stories in Japanese...895.63/SHO
    • Goossen, T. W. The Oxford book of Japanese short stories...895.63/OXF

    Keshiki: new voices from Japan
    If you want to explore some modern Japanese writers in translation, take a look at this series of eight chapbooks which showcase the work of some of the most exciting writers working in Japan today:

    1. Time differences - Yoko Tawada ; translated by Jeffrey Angles
    2. Friendship for grown-ups - Nao-Cola Yamazaki ; translated by Polly Barton
    3. Spring sleepers - Kyoko Yoshida
    4. Mariko / Mariquita - Natsuki Ikezawa ; translated by Alfred Birnbaum
    5. The girl who is getting married - Aoko Matsuda ; translated by Angus Turvil
    6. At the edge of the wood - Masatsugu Ono ; translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter
    7. Mikumari - Misumi Kubo ; translated by Polly Barton
    8. The transparent labyrinth - Keiichirō Hirano ; translated by Kerim Yasar

    Find out more about the authors


    Manga texts in translation are shelved around 741.5952 on Level 4 in Zone B. Browse this list Japanese films and manga to find out what series are available.

    Anime and feature films on DVD

    The Library holds a large collection of Japanese feature films and anime on DVD which you can borrow. To see if we have a particular film, check LibrarySearch for the title or director. You can filter your search results to DVDs if you need to. Alternatively, you can look at this list Japanese films and manga or browse the shelves on Level 4, Zone D around 791.430952 for Japanese feature films or 791.43340952 for anime.

    Box of Broadcasts

    Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is a service which gives you access to thousands of recorded radio and TV programmes including films from an online archive. It allows users to record programmes which will then be stored on the database. You can search for programmes already recorded, view the programme guide and also search for playlists and create your own. Check this list Japanese films and manga for a selection of Japanese films available on BoB.

    Useful sources for research

    If you are looking for articles about manga or anime, Mechademia is a really useful journal and you can find lots more articles on the databases Performing Arts Periodicals Database and Art Full Text.