Citing and managing your references (for Music MA students)

  • Citing the sources you have used in your research (also called referencing) is an essential part of your academic work. The Music Department does not prescribe one system for the MA, and you may continue to use any recognised system you are currently skilled in using. If you are unsure, the Music Department recommends that you follow the MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) Style.

    • The MHRA Style Guide for references and presentation can be downloaded from the Web pages of the Modern Humanities Research Association.


    EndNote is a reference management software package which can help anyone, including those working at undergraduate level, with studying, research and creating bibliographies. It allows you to create your own database of references (known as a "library") which you can then search, edit and format automatically in different output styles for your bibliographies. You can enter references manually into Endnote or import them directly from databases using import filters.

    There are two versions of EndNote: EndNote Web is free to all members of Oxford Brookes, you just need to register. You can access your EndNote Web library from wherever you are. EndNote desktop (software version) is available on all Brookes PCs. Staff can have it loaded on to their office PC and it is also available to buy for home use.

    See our EndNote Web pages for more information on accessing and using EndNote.

    Once you have compiled your EndNote Web Library you will be able to create your bibliography automatically as you write your Word document. This bibliography can be formatted in your chosen style e.g. MHRA. You can also do this with the desktop version. Note that the MHRA Style is called Modern Humanities Res Assn within EndNote.