Web sites

  • Choosing Web sources

    There’s a huge amount of information freely available on the Internet, but you need to be careful when selecting web sources for your academic work. To help you decide what Web sources are appropriate at university level, take a look at our guide to Evaluating Web sources 

    Referencing Web sources

    Record the details of the Web sources you use when you use them, including the date viewed. For guidance on how to reference Web sites in the Brookes Harvard style:

    Useful links

  • UK Government sites:

    • Gov.UK is the UK Government Web site which includes information from and about government departments, organisations, regulatory bodies, councils etc.
    • UK Parliament - includes many parliamentary publications, information about how parliament works, directory of MPs and details of committees. Select 'Parliamentary Publications and Archives' to access Acts, Bills, Hansards and Consultation Documents.
    • The Royal Family official site for the British Royal Family.

    Education, health and society:

    Arts and culture:

    General sites:

    Places of interest: