Web sites for Politics and International Relations

  • Many non-academic Politics and International Relations resources are freely available on the Web and some selected sites are listed below. 

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    • Gov.UK is the UK Government Web site which includes information from and about government departments, organisations, regulatory bodies, councils etc.
    • Gov.UK Publications provides access to summaries and some full text of official documents including Acts, Bills, Green and White papers, Press releases, Committee Papers
    • The Stationery Office includes access to the Daily List and details of government publications
    • UK Official Documents - access to Command Papers, House of Commons Papers and key Departmental Papers from May 2005, with a selection of older papers also available
    • UK Parliament - includes many parliamentary publications, information about how parliament works, directory of MPs and details of committees. Select 'Parliamentary Publications and Archives' to access Acts, Bills, Hansards and Consultation Documents.

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    UK political parties and elections:

    • EUABC dictionary : The EUABC is an Internet dictionary providing concise explanations of terms used in many areas of EU debate, and many useful links including the text of the EU constitution
    • Europa : a key site for a range of EU information, includes legislation, policy information, press releases as well as linking directly to the various institutions
    • European Integration Online Portal : provides a single gateway to a wealth of resources for researchers of European integration
    • European Union publications
    • Eurostudies : provides access to a range of European web sites and sources. Search by individual country or search for a particular topic
    • European commission representation in the UK : information about the commission and links to a range of European information, by A-Z index
    • European consortium for political research
    • European parliament
    • Russian foreign policy : this site is maintained by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. It provides free access to all press releases, briefing papers and reports issued by the think tank relating to Russian Foreign policy from 1998 to date
    • Summaries of EU legislation : includes access to European Union policy - summaries and legislation for all key policy areas, e.g. energy, employment, culture.
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