Internet sites for Sociology

  • Many Sociology resources are freely available on the Web and some selected sites are listed below. 

    To help you decide what Web sources are appropriate for academic work, take a look at our guide to Evaluating web resources 

    Check Cite Them Right Online for guidance on how to reference web pages and how to reference publications of international organisations in the Harvard style used at Brookes.

    Sociology sites

    • American Sociological Association
    • British Sociological Association
    • Data Archive national resource containing the largest collection of computer-readable data in the social sciences and humanities in the U.K. A keyword/subject search facility allows the collection to be searched.
    • ESRC - Economic and Social research council, includes access to useful links, and Regard, the ESRC database
    • International Sociological Association
    • Social Research update provides information on social research and current information on useful resources
    • Sociosite a Dutch site, but provides links to international sites and covers a broad range of sociological topics
    • SocioWeb an independent guide to sociological resources on the Internet. Search by a particular category, e.g. journals, sociological theory, or by keyword.
    • is the UK Government Web site which includes information from and about government departments, organisations, regulatory bodies, councils etc.  
    • Publications provides access to summaries and some full text of official documents including Acts, Bills, Green and White papers, Press releases, Committee Papers

    For more links, see our guide to Government publications

    Catalogues of other libraries

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