Top application tips

  • Jean and Ina

    When should I apply?

    The best time to send your application is 5 – 6 months prior to the start date of the course. For a September start send your application around the end of February or early March. This gives you time to wait for your results and also make timely applications for education loans.

    What should I put in my personal statement?

    Your personal statement will be an important document in the admissions decision-making process. You should include the following:

    • Information on your strengths
    • Why you have chosen to apply to Oxford Brookes
    • Why you have opted for that specific course
    • What your plans are 4 – 5 years down the line.

    What are the financial requirements for visas?

    You need to maintain funds equivalent to your tuition fees and living expenses in your bank account for a minimum period of 28 days. The UK Visa and Immigration service (UKVI) specify this as £9,135 to cover your living costs (or £1,015 for each month of your course if it is less than 9 months long - a part of a month will be rounded up to a whole month). If the money is in your parents’ account you will need a copy of your birth certificate. Education loans are welcomed but need to be sanctioned from banks accredited/sanctioned by the UKVI.