What our alumni say

  • Ean Sim (Jamie) Tan

    Graduated BSc Accounting and Finance 2015

    Ean Sim (Jamie) Tan

    I found that the University’s teaching style was very interactive and this encouraged everyone to participate in the class discussions as well as Q&A sessions. The teaching style in my previous degree was exam oriented and lecturers would provide tips or guidelines to pass the examinations. This eventually caused a boring environment for the students to come for lectures and tutorial classes. I will definitely recommend to others to study here because it is always exciting, and challenging but I enjoyed it.

    My course has helped me to understand, realise and complement the significance of financial accounting, management accounting and auditing to apply such knowledge and skills into my job assignments. I have taken the Malaysian Taxation pathway to become a future tax consultant since I graduated from Oxford Brookes.

    The thing I liked most about living in Oxford was the calmness, friendliness and harmony of the citizens. Most of the shops were student-friendly as there were many discounts both while I had meals alone or with friends. I knew a Malaysian member of staff who worked in a Chinese restaurant near Headington Shops bus stop and I felt like I was in my home country while chatting with her.

    I was involved in the Malaysian Society, Japanese Society, Korean Society and X-Society. As for Brookes Union, I volunteered to become course representative and I was given training with free refreshments throughout the day.

    I found it easy to settle and adapt into life at the University because I joined a group of good course-mates with the similar goal to revise and work on the assignments during that period. We had group study sessions when we were in John Henry Brookes library. Two of the course mates even gave me spiritual and physical support when I failed a subject for the first time along my study journey. I really appreciated them and we are still good friends now.

    I would recommend Oxford Brookes to other international student because the university is multi-cultural with various people from different countries around the world. The university has amazing architecture infrastructures and the facilities are also very comprehensive and well-maintained. Finally, Oxford Brookes has its very own identity to distinguish students from other universities.

    Nadia Aljafri

    Graduated LLM Law

    Nadia Aljafri

    I was attracted to the Brookes LLM because of the wide range of modules on offer and its capacity for improving academic writing, research and legal argument skills.

    I wanted to experience life as a law student both in Malaysia and in England. Having heard so much about the city of Oxford, the opportunity to study there was too great to resist. The cost of studying abroad played a huge part in my decision to choose a 2+1 law programme, and I found the KDU/OBU 2+1 LLB course reasonably priced and affordable.

    Coming to the UK was an eye opener for me in so many ways. Respect and tolerance for a person’s opinions was certainly refreshing. I also enjoyed learning more about the culture and the ways of life in England. It was in England that I experienced my first winter, and it actually snowed! Having lived in the Tropics all my life, that was certainly a bonus.

    The best thing about being at Brookes was the close network between the students and the staff at the University. The lecturers and the staff in the Law Department, as well as my personal tutor were always supportive and willing to help me when I had any queries. Being able to have access to the information on the Brookes website made life as a student at Brookes easier and I also appreciated that almost every staff and student at Brookes is contactable via email.

    The lectures and seminars were interactive and enjoyable whilst providing students with the necessary information. I particularly liked that students were made to think and formulate their opinions and I met and got to know a few course mates who were always prepared to work together and discuss any doubts we had in relation to our studies. Brookes is filled with students from all over the world and I enjoyed meeting and interacting with people from different ethnical and cultural backgrounds.

    Living in Oxford was an unforgettable experience. Oxford is a beautiful, historical, safe, student-friendly city with plenty to do. The night life was brilliant! Plus, London is just an hour away by bus. Transport is made easy for students, and most places are within walking distance. I enjoyed exploring Oxford, as well as experiencing various occasions or celebrations such as St. Paddy’s and learning how to punt (a must for the adventurous)!

    After graduating from Brookes, I returned to Malaysia. I am currently a pupil in chambers at a law firm based in Kuala Lumpur, having completed the Malaysian Bar examinations. Unlike in England, the practise of law in Malaysia is joined together, and therefore there is no distinction between a barrister and solicitor. I plan to continue practising law in the future, and continue to support those who champion Human Rights both in Malaysia as well as on an international scale. Learning to formulate and most importantly voice my opinions and ideas has certainly been beneficial, both during my time at University and now in the workplace.

    Shal Tharumalingam

    Graduated BA Hons (Law & Business Administration) 1992

    Shal Tharumalingam

    The best thing about the course was that it was very practical as the lecturers were not purely academicians but most of them were from industry or still were in industry. They were able to put theory into the context of the real world. We were made to think and understand how we could apply what we learnt in our subsequent careers. The assignments were practical and we had to use live examples.

    My course taught me how to look at things from a broad perspective, be detailed in my analysis and work as a team to achieve success. I also learnt to work with a wide array of students as we often enough were placed in groups without really knowing the other students. Having to do a dissertation taught me about research skills and it stretched me in terms of having to source for information, conduct interviews and analyse data from surveys. A side note on this, it was a lot more challenging at that time as there was no internet at that time!

    I have worked in numerous industries i.e. education, theme park, banking, fast moving consumer goods, industrial gas and paint. My roles have been primarily been in the marketing, public relations and customer service. Currently I am also a Counsellor and handle Corporate Affairs, which includes company policies, contract management and intellectual property.

    I loved the overall Oxford environment i.e. being a university town, the olden day architecture, the university parks, easy access to plays, ballet, concerts, orchestra performances and it’s accessibility to London. There was also a great array of students from across the globe.

    It was easy for me to settle in even though it was my very first time to England as I enjoy meeting new people .I was involved in the Law Society, International Society and I founded the Malaysian SocietyThe first year in the halls of residence was an excellent platform to meet a wide range of both local and international students, where a lot of friendships were forged and some have lasted until today.

    Even though it has been 25 years since I graduated, I still believe that Oxford Brookes University offers international students a great education and experience of life in the UK. The University has changed many times over since my days then, however all for the better and the facilities are up to date.

    My top tips for international students coming to Brookes are: “Go with an open heart and mind. Enjoy the experience of being in such a culturally rich environment and leverage on the great people at Brookes.”