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Tuesday, 03 July 2018

Luther Street Visit June 2018

On the 11th June, Luther Street Medical Centre in Oxford hosted a visit by our Public Health students.

The Luther Street centre works with the homeless to provide medical advice and support.  The visit was organised by Sally Markwell (Senior Lecturer in Public Health) and one of our current students, Ela Orciari. 

The students enjoyed a tour of the medical centre’s departments and heard a presentation by Ela and the practice manager.  The talk was entitled ‘Healthcare for people experiencing homelessness:  Problems, solutions and service models’.  The students learned about the extent of homelessness in Oxfordshire and Oxford City, the rates of mental health, substance misuse and physical problems for these patients, and how data about homelessness is gathered.  There was also information about other local organisations for the homeless, such as hostels.

The Public Health students are soon to enjoy other visits and opportunities to gain more experience of Public Health in the community.  Our thanks go to Ela and to Luther Street Medical Centre.

For a bit more information about Luther Street, do consider watching the video below.