• Oxford Brookes staff and students make significant impacts in a diverse range of arenas - from disaster relief to mechanical engineering.

    To help preserve and disseminate this activity, we are beginning to develop a series of microsites. Some projects are no longer live, in which case the microsite acts as an archive.

    • Rio Olympics
      Oxford Brookes' contribution to the Olympic Games reflects the diversity of the University, its global outlook and the positive impact of the institution in a number of fields.
    • Combat human trafficking
      A partnership project to raise awareness and develop a training toolkit for all levels of staff within a tourism business 
    • Distinct
      How to identify and harness the distinctiveness of an organisation
    • Eco house
      Hitting 2050 carbon emission targets: helping government make big decisions
    • Oxford Brookes at the Olympics 2012
    • The Slow Loris
      Learn about our work to help protect the Slow Loris