Update on the progress of the Combat Human Trafficking Project

  • 28 October 2015

    5 members of the COMBAT project team delivered a workshop at the recent EuroCHRIE Conference at the Lowry Hotel, Manchester. During the workshop participants were introduced to the human trafficking phenomenon, illustrative cases identified in the research and the tools project members are currently working on to raise awareness and combat human trafficking in the hospitality and tourism industry.

    The workshop delivered by (left to right) Mihai Cazacu and Andreea Salvan, Ratiu Center for Democracy, Romania; Maureen Brookes, Oxford Brookes University, UK; Angela Roper and Alexandros Paraskevas, University of West London, UK.

    Here’s what participants had to say:

    The Human Trafficking Awareness session was a ‘must-attend’ workshop at Experience EuroCHRIE 2015 where attendees were made to think about the unthinkable – human trafficking – and how it is happening today in the hospitality and tourism industry.

    The research drew attention to the horrors that lie beneath the gloss and glamour of the industry, bringing to the surface uncomfortable truths and detailing case studies of victims in terrible situations. If the industry knows the signs through the appropriate training, guidance and support, we can not only raise awareness of, but more importantly, can help to address and to prevent human trafficking in the industry.

    Maria (UK)

    I attended a session recently at EuroChrie on Human Trafficking, as some would call it, the darker side of the hospitality world. The session was informative and interesting noting the size, scope and global nature of the issue to be confronted by both industry and academia. Educators can play a key role in disseminating the tools and knowledge to combat this issue.

    Robert (USA)

    This was an interesting and timely workshop.  Hospitality educators need to be made aware of the instances of human trafficking within our industry and join forces to help combat it!

    Ricard (Spain)

    An interactive workshop that made me realize the urgency of extending our internship preparation programme with just this kind of learning about the many faces of human trafficking in the hospitality sector. By letting us read and comment on real stories, the information went straight to my heart.

    Ankie (The Netherlands)

    For further details about the project and full European project team please visit: http://www.brookes.ac.uk/microsites/combat-human-trafficking/

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