Creating the Olympic icon

  • The 2012 Olympic Torch

     The 2012 Olympic torch is made of an inner and an outer aluminium alloy skin perforated by 8,000 circles. 

    Representing the stories of the 8,000 torchbearers carrying the Olympic Flame on its journey round the UK, the circles running along the Torch allow people to see the burner system keeping the Olympic Flame alive.

    On a more practical level, the circles ensure heat is quickly dissipated without being conducted down the handle and also provide extra grip. Car manufacturer BMW tested the Torch in a number of different weather conditions at their climatic testing facility in Germany.



    Power of Three

    The Torch's triangular form has been inspired by multiples of three found throughout the values and history of the Olympic Games:

    •  The three Olympic values of respect, excellence and friendship.
    • The three words that make the Olympic motto - faster, higher, stronger.
    • The fact the UK has hosted the Olympic Games three times - in 1908, 1948 and 2012.
    • The vision for the London 2012 Olympic Games to combine three strands of - sport, education and culture.