Key milestones in the development of the National Brewing Library

  • 26 March 2001 The Institute & Guild of Brewing issue a prospectus,  seeking a partner to accept their library on a permanent loan basis and to manage it jointly.

    July 2001 Oxford Brookes University issue their proposal, noting the international reputation for excellence in brewing research and dissemination of technical information held by the Brewing Research Group of the School of Biological and Molecular Sciences. Additionally, that the brewing library would complement other special collections already held in the University Library, in particular the John Fuller Collection of 7000 books and pamphlets on all aspects of hospitality, gastronomy, catering and cookery.

    11 December 2001 The Council of the Institute and Guild of Brewing confirm acceptance of Oxford Brookes University's proposal. Press release (Word document)

    January 2002  Boxes of books from the Whitbread Library and the British Beer and Pub Association have already arrived.

    6 March 2002  More than 100 boxes containing the Institute of Brewing Technical and Historical Library (which has been in non-accessible storage since 18 August 2000) are delivered.

    09 April 2002 The first formal meeting of the joint management  committee is held with an initial remit of agreeing a name for the collection and drafting the legal agreement between the two partner institutions.

    Spring 2002 Boxes are unpacked, books and journals are sorted, and duplicates are identified for return to the Institute and Guild of Brewing Library and Archive Group for sale or disposal.

    2 July 2002 Cataloguing begins. By the end of November more than 3,600 books and pamphlets will have been fully catalogued.

    16 July 2002  A press release is issued by the Public Relation Office at  Oxford Brookes University announcing the establishment of the collection and confirming the name as "The National Brewing Library at Oxford Brookes University".

    10 December 2002   The National Brewing Library is officially opened by Dr John Andrews, President of The Institute and Guild of  Brewing and Professor Graham Upton, Vice Chancellor,  Oxford Brookes University. This event will coincide with an IGB meetings day and Fellows Dinner, hosted by Oxford Brookes University.

    December 2002  The catalogue of the National Brewing Library will become  available, with links from Oxford Brookes University Library homepage, The Institute and Guild of Brewing homepage, and the British Beer and Pub Association homepage.

    6 January 2003      The National Brewing Library is open to Members of the Institute and Guild of Brewing, Oxford Brookes University and bona fide researchers and scholars.

    Spring 2003   The National Brewing Library website launched.

    September 2003 The collection is moved into new secure accommodation, linked to the John Fuller Collection.

    6 May 2004 The National Brewing Library Management Committee agree the new Scope of the Collection and Aquisitions Policy

    September 2005 Oxford Brookes University opens the Buckley Building - the new centre for research. One floor of this, attached to the Library, forms the new Special Collections Reading Room. The National Brewing Library, along with other special collections, is moved into this purpose built accommodation which provides controlled temperature and humidity, secure conditions and appropriate working areas both for Library staff and visitors.

    January 2006 A programme of conserving and protecting the older and more vulnerable books (by individual conservation boxes) begins. Completed 2012.

    2008 The personal library, published books and research papers of Michael Jackson "The Beer Hunter" are gifted to Oxford Brookes Library - named as "The Michael Jackson Collection" and forming a parallel collection to the NBL.

    March 2009 The Business Archives of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling are deposited in the Collection.

    2009 A programme of checking the holdings of every journal begins - to identify gaps, advertise these on the website and aim to fill them.

    2010 / 2011 Following the closure and dispersal of the Brewery History Society Library, a significant number of books and journals are added to the NBL and will be augmented annually by the deposit of their publishing output.

    2012 Ten years of the National Brewing Library at Oxford Brookes University.

    2012/ 2013 OBU plans for the move of the NBL into the new University Library, in the John Henry Brookes Building, in 2014.

    2014/ 2015 OBU moves the National Brewing Library and other special collections into the new space in the John Henry Brookes building.

    2017 A display case is purchased with donations made in memory of Chris Marchbanks, to commemorate his contribution as a key player in the development of the National Brewing Library.

    2019 Cataloguing of items in the collection is fully up to date with completion of the backlog of unusual items from the original donation.