Management and on-going support of the National Brewing Library

  • Establishment of The National Brewing Library was assisted by a generous grant from the Institute and Guild of Brewing Grants Committee and continues to be supported by an annual grant from the Institute of Brewing & Distilling.

    The Library is on permanent loan to Oxford Brookes University and is supervised by a Management Committee, with representation from The Institute of Brewing & Distilling Library and Archive Group and The British Beer and Pub Association, plus Library and academic representation from Oxford Brookes University.

    In addition to maintaining the historical library, the Management Committee has an acquisition policy for enhancing the collection and adding new publications.

    Donations of materials relevant to the collection are welcomed by The Institute of Brewing & Distilling, through its Library and Archive Group.

    Donations and purchases

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    Current Journals

    The National Brewing Library receives an ongoing donation of 28 current journals, from the publishers. We are grateful to these publishers for ensuring that the National Brewing Library continues to develop and build on its historic content with currently published material.

    Back runs of journals

    The National Brewing Library has about 200 different journal titles, including 19th Century and early 20th brewing industry publications, house magazines, current brewing, pub, beer and distilling titles and some foreign publications. Many of these go from the first issue and our aim is to have complete sets of all these titles. However there are many gaps and we would be very pleased if you could help us fill these. Listed below are the titles we are currently trying to complete.

    If you have any of the missing issues (shown in red), and would be willing to donate them to the National Brewing Library, we would be very pleased to hear from you - email:

    Audio visual material

    Although the NBL does not actively collect AV materials, a collection of programmes on video, which are within the scope of the collection has built up.

    The NBL does not own the copyright to this material and is not able to give permission for any use.