What to bring

Your basic packing list

Check the halls webpages to find out what’s provided in your room and in the flat. Below is a guide to help you pack.

  • The basics: clothes, toiletries, books, laptop and other study equipment.
  • Bedding. Bring your own duvet, pillows and bedsheets.
  • Photo ID. You'll need your driving licence or passport to check into your hall and also enrol on your course.
  • Headphones. Ear plugs can be useful too if you're a light sleeper.
  • Enough food supplies for the first few days.
  • Medication. If you take regular medication, make sure you’ve got enough with you and know how you will restock. You can register with the Medical Centre at Brookes. Also, Freshers’ flu is a real thing! So bring tissues, tea bags…
  • Bringing a bike? There’s bike storage at our halls. We recommend you bring a hefty D-lock and a cable lock so you can secure both the frame and the wheels.
  • Plug-in fairy lights are not allowed because they are a fire risk. You can bring battery powered ones instead.
  • No clothing racks or airers - there are laundry facilities at each hall for you to use instead.

Kitchen packing list

All the flats have basic cleaning equipment, ie mop and vacuum cleaner. Although the communal areas will get a clean by us once a week, it’s your responsibility to keep things tidy, do your washing up and take the bins out.

  • Bring your own crockery, cutlery and your favourite mug.
  • Bring pots, pans and other cooking equipment. If you already have cooking equipment, then bring it. If you don’t, then we recommend you wait until you arrive and see what your new flatmates have brought with them first. You can always organise a trip down to the shops with them to get what you need for the flat.
  • You can bring small kitchen appliances like a toastie maker or slow cooker. Ensure that your item has a UK fused plug. We recommend that you don’t buy a toaster for £5 as they break easily and can trip the electricity in your flat!
  • Fridges. Unless you require one for medication, then you’re not allowed a fridge in your bedroom. Large fridges and freezers are provided in the kitchens for everyone to share.
  • Don't bring any items with a non-UK fused plug (it trips the electricity!).

Restricted items

  • animals
  • bean bags
  • beer brewing kits
  • candles, joss sticks, incense, hookah pipes, any naked flame burner
  • compressed gas canisters
  • curtains - these are provided
  • dartboards
  • DJ mixing decks, amplifiers, drum kit or large speakers
  • drones
  • excessively large items such as kayaks, motorised scooters and inflatable furniture
  • heating appliances, barbeques, fridges or freezers
  • offensive weapons including replica guns, knives and ceremonial swords
  • skateboards
  • training weights
  • washing machines - there are laundry facilities at each hall
  • skateboards - you are welcome to bring these but please do not use them on-site at your hall
  • scooters (non-motorised) - you are welcome to bring these but please do not use them on-site at your hall


You can order bedding, bathroom and kitchen items along with accessories to be waiting for you upon arrival to your accommodation through UniKitOut. As a Brookes student, save 10% off everything when you quote BROOKES10 at the checkout.