Students unable to meet visa enrolment deadline

Visa enrolment is now closed. If you still need to collect your BRP read important information here.

If you are a student visa holder who will not meet the final enrolment deadline of Friday 4 February, please keep us updated by completing the Travel Google form sent to you by your Faculty.

We may be able to extend the enrolment deadline for some international students who have been unable to enrol by 4 February. The latest possible date is 18 February 2022 (Week 4). 

For this to be an option, you must be currently living outside of the UK and have one or more of the following Covid-related reasons that prevent you from joining us in person by Friday 4 February: 

  • Disruption caused by international travel restrictions/conditions 
  • Issues/delays with visa processing. 

Any late arrival is at the discretion of your Faculty. 

If you have not received the Travel Google form from your Faculty, please contact the International Student Advice Team (ISAT)