Before you arrive

The first things you can do to prepare for student life at Oxford Brookes.

In this section you will find information on things you can do now, ahead of starting your course. We encourage you to have a read through and complete anything relevant to you.

You can complete this list before you enrol as a student. Enrolment is the process all students need to complete in order to become an official Oxford Brookes University student. Your enrolment will open from Monday 2 September 2024 and is completed online. Come back to these pages on Wednesday 14 August 2024 to find out more about your online enrolment.

The Quick Start Guide

You'll be introduced to a lot of new terminology as part of starting university. Take a look at the Quick Start Guide for a comprehensive introduction to the core people, ideas and concepts of university life.

View the Quick Start Guide

Things to do

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