Brookes Medical Centre

Register with a doctor

If you have moved to Oxford to study at Brookes, it is important to register with a doctor (GP). You can do this when you have completed online enrolment and know your semester-time address.

If you are an international student, please see information about health insurance.

Students living in postcode areas OX1, OX2, OX3 and OX4

You can register online before you arrive using the link below. You'll need to add some specific information to the form so make sure you have this ready before you begin. Check 'what to prepare before you register' to learn more.

If there is a specific reason you cannot register online, please email the Medical Centre on the Headington Campus.

Students living outside of postcode areas OX1, OX2, OX3 and OX4

You will need to register with the closest GP. You do not need to register using the link on this page.

For more surgeries within your area, please visit NHS Choices.

Register with a dentist

We also have a dentist on Headington Campus. Visit the Damira Dental website to find out how to register for their services.


Meningitis vaccine

Please read important information on the Meningitis ACWY vaccine recommended for all new students.

HPV vaccine

We also offer the course of HPV vaccines if you are eligible, and have not yet had it.

Covid-19 vaccination

Please bring a record of the dates that you had your Covid-19 vaccinations, especially if you believe you are entitled to an Autumn 2022 booster or are an international student.