Preparing for medical registration

Please note that this registration is only for students who will be living in OX1, OX3 or OX4 postcode areas.

Make sure you have the information below ready before you begin online registration.

Information required for registration

Students who are already living in UK:

  • National Health Service (NHS) Number. This can be obtained from your GP.
  • Previous GP’s name and address.

Students who are coming from outside the UK:

  • The date you will be entering the UK.

All students:

  • Full UK address (if living in Halls include block, flat and room number).
  • Immunisation history (including dates for the Meningitis ACWY and MMR vaccines – we advise you to have these vaccinations done before your arrival, see MenACWY vaccine information).
  • Dates of illnesses or operations in the past (if any).
  • Dates of onset of ongoing medical conditions and any current medications you take (if any).
  • Once we receive your online application you will be registered with Oxford Brookes Medical Centre.

Things to note

  • If you are under a specialist in the UK or abroad, it would be very helpful if you bring copies of any relevant letters, especially those pertaining to medication, as there are some medications we cannot issue unless it has been agreed by a specialist.
  • Please ensure you have enough medication to last the first few weeks of Semester 1.
  • If you were previously registered with a UK doctor’s surgery you will not be de-registered from your surgery until the start of Induction Week (19 September 2022)
  • If you are registered with a GP surgery in England, it can take several weeks for the electronic notes to be transferred through to our system.
  • If there is a specific reason you cannot register online, please visit the Medical Centre website.

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