Your Brookes User account

Please note you can only set up your User account (including your Brookes Google account) from 12 September onwards and you must have fully enrolled online first.

Your Brookes User account contains your User ID (student number) and your password. These details allow you to log into all University systems, including your Student Information, email, calendar, Moodle and Zoom. You can log into all of these via the student homepage.

Moodle is your virtual learning environment. It is where you will find information about your course and you'll use it on a weekly basis. 

Your Brookes Google account

At Oxford Brookes, our email, calendar, document storage and sharing (Google Drive), video (Google Meet) and instant chat are provided by G Suite (Google).

Please note, you will need to set up your Brookes email account first in order to access the G Suite tools, and you are advised to use a Chrome browser when using these applications.

Setting up your email

You will need your User ID (student number) and the password you used for online enrolment.

  1. Go to the sign-in page for Google Accounts.
  2. In the ‘Email or phone’ box, enter your student number followed by For example, Then click next.
  3. Enter your password (the same password you used for online enrolment).
  4. Follow the instructions on protecting your account.
  5. Activate the two-step verification feature.

It is important to activate the two-step verification feature which adds an extra layer of security to your account by sending you an extra code to access your account. You will find this feature in your Google Account settings. More information is available from G Suite support.

Setting up your calendar

Your Google calendar will have the most up-to-date information about your teaching timetable, including rooms and any online events. You will find your teaching timetable in your Google calendar but only when you are fully enrolled and have registered all of your modules. Once your modules are registered, it will take 24 hours for your Google calendar to update.

Once you have set up your Brookes email, you can then access your Brookes calendar. This is where you can find your teaching timetable for the semester.

  1. To access your Brookes calendar on a PC/laptop, you need to log into your Brookes email account and then click on the Google Apps icon in the top right corner and select calendar.
  2. To access your Brookes calendar on your mobile or tablet, you need to download the Google Calendar App and ensure you are logged in via your Brookes email. Please visit your usual app store to install Google Mail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.
  3. If you are an international student studying in the UK, please ensure when you download the Google Calendar App on your personal devices you update the primary time zone. Go to the Google calendar settings, click on Time Zone and select (GMT+00:00) United Kingdom Time.

Please note, your teaching timetable will only appear on Google calendar, not the default calendar already on your device. Some devices may automatically have Google calendar as a default but you must be logged in with your Brookes email credentials to see your timetable.