Your Student Information

  • If you have been sent your username (student number) and your password for your Student Information Portal you can complete online enrolment and confirm how you will pay your fees. Please watch this video which will explain what you need to do.

    How to Use your Student Information

    Please watch the videos below so you are clear how you will need to use Your Student Information during your studies. You do not need to add any modules, this will be explained to you during your Induction but it will be helpful to understand how module registration works. You can also see:

    • Modules you will be studying
    • Your Programme of study for the first year
    • Your record (marks and grades)
    • How to get an Attendance certificate - see request forms video
    • How to get a Council Tax exemption certificate - see request forms video
  • Online Enrolment

    Module Registration

    My Programme Requirements (Quick Guide)

    Module Registration

    Registering Modules

    Student Request Forms