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Below you can use the search box to find your course induction or you can see an A-Z list of all courses. There are also lots of extra online and face-to-face events you can take part in to help you get ready for Semester 1.

  • If you are studying two subjects (Combined Honours): You may have to choose which events to follow if there is a time clash. You will need to attend/watch both subject meetings and these will be listed on your individual course schedules. If you have any queries, please email induction@brookes.ac.uk.
  • Part-time students: Please read the induction options available to you (including health care short courses and continuing professional development modules).

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Accounting and Economics (BSc)
Accounting and Finance (BSc)
Accounting and Finance (Admission with Credit)
Adult Nursing Swindon (BSc)
Animal Behaviour and Welfare - Top Up (BSc)
Animal Behaviour and Welfare (FdSc)
Animal Biology and Conservation (BSc)
Animal Therapy and Rehabilitation - Top Up (BSc)
Animal Therapy and Rehabilitation (FdSc)
Anthropology (BSc)
Anthropology (Post Graduate Diploma)
Applied Languages (BA)
Architecture (BA)
Artificial Intelligence (BSc)
Automotive Engineering with Electric Vehicles (BEng)
Biological Anthropology (BSc)
Biological Sciences - Genetics and Genomics (BSc)
Biological Sciences - Human Biosciences (BSc)
Biological Sciences - Mbiol (BSc)
Biological Sciences (BSc)
Biological Sciences - Zoology (BSc)
Biomedical Science (BSc)
Building Surveying (BSc)
Built Environment Foundation
Business and Finance (BSc)
Business and Finance (Admission with Credit)
Business and Law (BA)
Business and Law (Admission with Credit)
Business and Management (BA)
Business and Management (Admission with Credit)
Business and Management Top Up (BA)
Business and Marketing Management (BA)
Business and Marketing Management (Admission with Credit)
Business and Marketing Management Top Up (BA)
Business Management and Geography (BA)
Business Management and International Relations (BA)
Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (BA)
Communication, Media and Culture (BA)
Computer Science (BSc)
Computer Science Top Up (BSc)
Computer Science for Cyber Security (BSc)
Computing Foundation
Construction Project Management (BSc)
Criminology (BSc)
Criminology and Law (BSc)
Digital Media Production (BA/BSc)
Early Childhood Studies (BA)
Economics, Finance and International Business (BA)
Economics, Finance and International Business (Admission with Credit)
Economics, Politics and International Relations (BA)
Economics, Politics and International Relations (Admission with Credit)
Education Studies (BA)
Electro-Mechanical Engineering (BEng)
Electronic Engineering (BEng)
Engineering Foundation
English Language and Linguistics (BA)
English Literature (BA)
English Literature with Creative Writing (BA)
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (Admission with Credit)
Equine Science (BSc)
Equine Science and Thoroughbred Management (BSc)
Events Management (BA)
Events Management (Admission with Credit)
Film (BA)
Fine Art (BA)
Foundation Art and Design
Foundation in Business
Foundation in Humanities
Foundation in Law
Foundation in Mathematics
Geography (BSc)
Graphic Design (BA)
Health Sciences Open Award (BSc)
History (BA)
History of Art (BA)
Information Technology for Business (BSc)
Information Technology for Business Top Up (BSc)
Interior Architecture (BA)
International Business Management (BA)
International Business Management (Admission with Credit)
International Business Management Top Up (BA)
International Foundation Arts, Humanities and Law (Pathways)
International Foundation Business and Technology (Pathways)
International Foundation Diploma (Pathways)
International Foundation Diploma (Extended Pathway)
International Hospitality and Tourism Management (BA)
International Hospitality Management (Admission with Credit)
International Relations (BA)
International Relations and Politics (BA/BSc)
Japanese Studies (BA)
Law - Brickfields
Law - KDU
Law (LLB)
Law (LLB) Final Year Students
Law with Business (LLB)
Law with Criminology (LLB)
Life Sciences Foundation
Marketing and Events Management (BA)
Marketing and Events Management (Admission with Credit)
Marketing Communications Management (BA)
Marketing Communications Management (Admission with Credit)
Marketing Management (BA)
Marketing Management (Admission with Credit)
Mathematics (BSc)
Mechanical Engineering (BEng)
Mechanical Engineering Design (BEng)
Media, Journalism and Publishing (BA)
Medical Science (BSc)
Midwifery (BSc)
Motorsport Engineering (BEng)
Motorsport Technology (BEng)
Music (BA)
Nursing - Adult (BSc)
Nursing - Children (BSc)
Nursing - Mental Health (BSc)
Nutrition (BSc)
Occupational Therapy (BSc)
Paramedic Science (BSc)
Philosophy (BA)
Photography (BA)
Physical Activity and Health Promotion (BSc)
Physiotherapy (BSc)
Politics (BA)
Pre-Masters Certificate (Pathways)
Pre-Masters Diploma (Pathways)
Primary Teacher Education (BA)
Property Development and Planning (BSc)
Psychology (BSc)
Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management (BSc)
Real Estate (BSc)
Social Anthropology (BSc)
Social Work (BA)
Sociology (BA)
Sport and Exercise Science (BSc)
Sport, Coaching and Physical Education (BSc)
Two Year Masters (Pathways)
University English (Pathways)
Urban Design Planning and Development (BA)

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