Part-time students and UK Associates


    Face-to-face Enrolment will be on Thursday 25 January 2018.

    Part-time and Associate Students who have not been contacted by their course about specific arrangements can enrol anytime on Thursday 25 January from 09.00 - 15.00 in the Sir Kenneth Wheare Hall, Clerici Building, Headington Campus 

    Please note: After face-to-face Enrolment, students can find their Academic Adviser’s name and contact details on their PIP (Personal Information Portal).

    Health Care students

    Students studying Undergraduate and Postgraduate part time/associate courses in Health Care will receive specific information from their course which may include meetings before or after the 25 January.

    The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences will email you with details of your teaching schedule. The Induction will be tailored to the modules you are completing and will be part of the first session of teaching.