• Studying as a local or commuting student can be challenging. It is normal for there to be bad days as well as good days.

    However, if you feel like you would benefit from talking to someone, there are plenty of people you can approach for advice or a chat when you're at Oxford Brookes including your Student support Coordinator and the Welcome Team at the Reception for New Students during Induction week.

    It will take you time to settle in and adapt to University life, don’t be too hard on yourself in the first semester when you are dealing with so much change. You may need to find ways of balancing your new University commitments with the demands of running a home, working or raising a family.

    As a local or commuter student in some ways your transition to University life may be easier than it is for students who opt to live on campus, as your home life will change less significantly. You may also benefit from having an established network of support around you. However, there can be some unique challenges associated with being a local or commuter student so here’s some tips from commuting students.

    Top tips

    • Remember that driving to Brookes will be difficult as you can’t park when you get here (unless you have an exemption) and parking fines are expensive. Find out about all the travel options

    • Get a railcard (Young Persons Railcard) or any discount card you are eligible for. If you are married to a commuter, you might be able to get a Network Partner Card. These are useful.

    • Put the numbers of all the travel enquiry lines (eg. National Rail, London Transport, bus company etc.), the complaints numbers for the same services, and some taxi numbers in your phone. It's useful.


    • You might need more books than on-site students but make sure you can access all the online resources you might need like the Library, Study Skills help and Wellbeing support.

    • Ask at your induction which services use google chat, skype or any other remote service that you might find useful.

    • Use your journey to read, think and write. If you are having difficulty reading, thinking, writing and working on the train/bus/etc, don't. Close the book and put it away. Better to either focus on it properly or get some rest, rather than not understanding it.
    • Try and plan your social events in advance and keep up with Brookes Union and society events.

    • Get a big academic diary or use your Brookes google calendar to write down everything you need in one place because you're bound by your travelling.

    • Book mark our student homepage and keep up with events on twitter